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Aerosmith – Dream On – Steven Tyler – Cover – Sara Loera

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Dream On has almost become the national anthem of “hitting the high note” in a rock song. Particularly a male-dominated rock song.

I personally have covered this song on my channel. You may be interested in checking it out:

But Sara also wanted to put her hat in the ring for this epic anthemic arena piece!

I’ve mentioned this before, and it is worth noting again, in that era of Steven Tyler’s career, he basically had two voices.

One voice was his lower and middle voice belting register and the other was a lot of high screams, but there wasn’t much high/mid-range belting from his voice at that point in his career.

I personally believe his more difficult stuff was his movie soundtrack music and songs he did later which showcased his high range in a belted chest-resonant sound.

But nonetheless, this song has become iconic when it comes to hitting the high note!

Let us know how we did!

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