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Alice In Chains – Layne Staley – Love Hate Love – Gabbi Gun – 4K

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Though “Love, Hate, Love” was never released as a single off of Alice In Chains’ debut album Facelift, guitarist Jerry Cantrell has called the song “the masterpiece of the record”.

What other noteworthy Alice In Chains’ tunes can you think of that may have slipped through the cracks as far as recognition but are still great songs worth mentioning? Share with me in the comments!

Cantrell has said of the guitar solo in “Love, Hate, Love” that it was one of the favorites he has ever performed, while also calling Layne Staley’s vocals from the song “amazing”.

The album itself became the first album from the grunge movement to be both certified gold and to reach the top 50 in America on the Billboard 200.

Gabbi Gun is taking on the tune next and we’d love to hear your feedback!

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