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Alice In Chains – Man In The Box – Layne Staley – Cover – Kayla Reeves – 4K

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“Man In The Box” was the song that got it all started for Alice In Chains and was the first grunge video to get significant airplay on MTV, almost a year before both Nirvana’s “Teen Spirit” and Pearl Jam’s debut album.

What other grunge bands can you think of who helped pioneer the genre but may have been overlooked for their role? Let me know in the comments!

Released off their debut album Facelift, “Man In The Box” gradually gained success following the MTV airplay and as grunge itself began to take off. It took 3 years from its release for it to be certified Platinum.

The song would go on to become the second most played song of the decade on mainstream rock radio between 2010 and 2019.

Here is Kayla Reeves’ take on the popular tune!

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