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Black Sabbath – Ronnie James Dio – Neon Knights – Cover

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Let’s face it, singing anything by Dio is extraordinarily challenging, especially if you’re trying to sound like Dio.

I have done vocal demonstrations of several of his songs over the years, including a medley I put together that was pretty tough.

And as some of you probably know, I do many of these by request.

And this request was “Ken, can you sing Black Sabbath’s “Neon Knights” Ronnie James Dio version?”

And of course, in usual fashion, I said “challenge accepted”!

One of the most challenging parts of singing this song was actually the bridge, because I sang the verse a little too hard at first and realized I still had higher notes to sing.

So pacing this song became very important, which is one part of what I teach in my singing course.

So I give to you Black Sabbath’s “Neon Knights”.

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