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Coldplay – Yellow – Cover – Tori Matthieu

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Too funny!

When I was doing some research on some 90s music for Tori to sing (yes, I know the video was released in 2000), I noticed one of the top comments on the song “Yellow” by Coldplay.

“A song so good, they had to name a color after it!”

I thought that was hilarious, personally.

But indeed, this song has withstood the test of time.

Chris Martin’s mesmerizing hypnotic vocals and a simple video of his walking down the beach, simply singing a song where he describes emotion, passion, beauty, and personality to the color yellow, is a quite unassuming and yet incredibly efficient!

It’s pretty interesting that someone can take a color, not necessarily even a popular color (like the color yellow), and make a smash hit out of it.

But the other thing I found interesting when we recorded the song was this:

Sometimes it’s hard to know when to step on the gas and when to step off the gas when singing any given song.

Meaning: should it be sung heavy, should it be sung softly, should it be sung somewhere in the middle? Should it have a lot of voice, should there be a lot of air added to the vocals when singing? And so forth…

This is one of those songs where you’ve just gotta nail it perfectly, or it comes off contrived and over-sung.

I believe Tori’s vocals were a perfect match for this and she did an exceptional job.

Let me know your thoughts and comments :-)?

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