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Def Leppard – Joe Elliott – Photograph – Cover – 4K

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Some fun facts about Def Leppard:

Def Leppard have an album which includes only cover songs from their childhood years. The album is titled “Yeah!” and it pays tribute to artists such as Blondie, The Kinks, ELO, and others.

One of the most unique accomplishments of the band was achieved on October 23th, 1995 – Def Leppard entered the Guinness Book of World Records by playing three 45-minute shows on three different continents. The band performed in Morocco, England, and Canada in a single day.

Allen was once criticized by Queen Elizabeth because of the Union Jack boxers he wore onstage. The Union Jack is the flag representing the United Kingdom.

Their first concert was in 1978 in a high school gymnasium in their home town of Sheffield, England.

The opening words to the song “Rock of Ages” is “Gunter glieben glauten globen” and many people have tried to figure out its meaning.
In reality, there is no meaning to the words. The words were simply a nonsense gibberish phrase that was used instead of the typical “One two three four” that usually started a band playing.

Joe was 18 when he decided to join the band as a guitarist and met with Wills. But he was then selected as the lead singer by Wills.

Before joining Def Leppard, Vivian Campbell played in Dio and Whitesnake.

Drummer Rick Allen lost his left arm in a car crash on 31st of December 1984, when he was racing in his Corvette outside the band’s home city of Sheffield.

So as you can see, Def Leppard has had quite a colorful career!

So I decided to take on Photograph!

This is a pretty tough tune. Very high throughout most of the song.

Let me know how I did!

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