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Heart – Ann Wilson – Alone – Cover – Gabbi Gun

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Gabbi Gun does it again with this top-shelf version of Heart’s biggest hit. Prepare for goosebumps and hair-raising vocals that will leave no question that Gabbi, indeed, can take the greatest Rock vocals and make them her own, hands-down, and amazing.

This song is known as a Number One Hit by the band Heart in 1987. What many people do not know is that Heart’s version of this song was a cover song. Alone had been released in 1983 by a group using the name I-Ten, and then released again in 1984 on the soundtrack of a CBS sitcom “Dreams” by Valerie Stevenson and John Stamos. But it was Heart’s 1987 album “Bad Animals” that included the Ann Wilson vocals that shot this cover song to the top of the charts.

Ann’s treatment of this song left no doubt in anyone’s mind that she owned this song and that she was indeed a Rock Star of the highest caliber.

At KTVA, we like to take the most challenging songs of all time and prove that with hard work and the right vocal techniques, we can accomplish incredible levels of vocal expertise. We think that Gabbi did just that, once again, this time on Alone.

Yes, Ann Wilson set the bar, and there is only ONE Ann Wilson… but give this a listen, and see what you think… Give it the goosebumps test… Let us know how Gabbi did.

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