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Here’s How I Sing With Distortion – Ken Tamplin And Gabbi Gun

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In this interview, Gabbi and I discuss how she learned to sing with correct distortion.

We discuss how she was looking for a distorted sound back in her teens and how she attempted this and wound up realizing that she could only sing a few songs without losing her voice almost completely.

We even reference specifically to one of the songs that she did called “Love Hurts” from the band Nazareth which is known for a distorted vocal tone.

Many might listen to this with untrained ears and say “Wow, I think that sounds pretty cool”. And in fact, this is the approach most all street singers do. They use this very throaty sound.

But, as Gabby experienced, she was losing her voice even at a young age with regularity, and also had forfeited a lot of vocal range she could have attained because of pinching and squeezing, choking off the vocal cords, and having the entire body lock down to attain/achieve this sound.

I want you now to take a listen to the new version of Love Hurts that we have posted, along with many, many other songs of a similar ilk, where we use heavy distortion, and notice how open, beautiful, round, and powerful the voice is.

This is because Gabriela learned to use correct diaphragmatic support, along with the correct “open throat technique”.

Another key negative element to singing with a throaty distorted sound is that you will forever sentence yourself to have to sing with this throaty distorted sound whenever trying to reach a high note, similar to Bruce Springsteen singing “Born In The USA”.

You can hear that Bruce is completely at the top of his range and he’s literally screaming out these notes and heaving them up from the bowels of his throat. This is not good, it is not healthy, and is almost a sure-fire way to get nodes and a fast track to throat surgery.

On the flipside, Gabriela now has incredible range, can sing with distortion and without, and her tone, vibrato, and power is to die for!

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