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How To Practice A Song

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I believe the best way to practice a song isn’t just by trying to belt it out.

There is a specific sequence that works best.

And it doesn’t really matter what style you want to sing.

That sequence involves starting out lightly (I don’t mean airy, I mean little volume).

Work up gently how the vowels feel most comfortable in your throat.

(In my singing course “How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else” I thoroughly walk you through this process).

It’s best to start with vowels first (no consonants and nothing to choke off the throat when singing like hard consonants such a G, NG, B, P, M etc.).

Then little by little you can start to add more weight (volume) to the song.

Start with one verse at a time. Don’t jump to trying to sing the whole song through.

Once you have mastered the first verse, move on the first chorus. (vowels only).

Continue this until you have built up enough stamina to easily get through the song.

Determine what your Tessitura is. (the most esthetically acceptable and comfortable vocal range for a given singer).

You can grow your voice to increase your range, but it is best to start here.

So again, once you have mastered the vowels, gently start adding back the consonants.

You will find that you are training your throat to stay open so it is not “closing off” when you re-introduce back these vowels.

When you get really good at this, you can start bumping the song up one tone, then two tones and so on, to increase vocal range.

I hope this was helpful.

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