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Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Singers Forums: A Bustling Online Community for Singers

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A common objection to online vocal training is that it’s simply not as personal or as deep as a one-on-one approach. At Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, there is a direct interactive component that provides both feedback and answers at a personal level. Our program gives aspiring singers direct access to Tamplin’s 30+ years of professional singing experience, plus insight into all his tried-and-true techniques for developing singing skills and stamina.

The Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy provides students with a true sense of community—specifically, the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy forums. It is an online community where literally thousands of vocalists from all over the world, in every imaginable style, exchange KTVA ideas to help one another along their singing journey.

Taking one-on-one personal singing instruction can quickly add up to more expense than a home course. A home course has lessons you can review as many times as you like, and no other course is as comprehensive as Tamplin’s. Chances are that you will not be able to find or afford a coach of the caliber of Ken Tamplin in your home town. Instead, you would be working with a schoolteacher or local musician with little to no actual professional-grade vocal expertise. These locals do not have the skills or experience to show you how to do what Ken Tamplin will teach you.

In-person lessons require commute time and expense that is eliminated by owning the materials to your course and accessing help and community online.

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy provides a practical and affordable alternative to growing the voice, at world-class levels, in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

About the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Singers Forums

This online platform currently boasts thousands of active participants—making it an ideal place for singers to meet one another, to seek encouragement and advice, and to offer constructive feedback for others.

There are student areas within the forums that cover every section of the course, item-by-item. Within these areas, students and forum moderators break down what it’s going to take to develop their singing skill and status.

There are also areas in the forums where students can submit singing demonstrations and get interactive, corrective feedback. Trained moderators help keep students accountable for implementing Ken’s instructions, and students interact with one another for mutual encouragement. The bottom line: students at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy are never alone or without guidance.

Joining the Forums at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

There are areas in the Singers Forums for entry-level students, for advanced vocal students, and for the public at large.

The Pro Forums deliver more detailed information and helps students with their vocal development. Special training videos and other proprietary information are available for Pro members.

The KTVA forums are also available to the public at large, on a limited basis. Basic Vocal evaluations can be requested, and tips and basic singing facts are shared with people who are interested in augmenting what they are learning about KTVA methods from the massive KTVA catalogue of YouTube videos.

In other words: There’s no reason why you can’t get interactively involved today. Join us at the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Singers Forums to take your singing skillset to the next level!

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