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Led Zeppelin – Robert Plant – Whole Lotta Love – Cover – Kayla Reeves – 4K

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Led Zeppelin built a reputation for being one of the most innovative rock bands in history, and on “Whole Lotta Love”, Jimmy Page served as the band’s producer, letting loose in the studio and “twiddling every knob known to man” with engineer Eddie Kramer.

What other bands would you say were particularly inventive in the studio and who also utilized cutting edge techniques? Share with me in the comments!

Robert Plant’s distant voice singing each line in one section of “Whole Lotta Love”, which became known as “backward echo”, was one of the first uses of the technique.

While most of the band’s most popular songs were not released as singles, this one was allowed as a single in the US and went on to become their biggest hit.

We hope you enjoy Kayla’s take on the tune!

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