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Led Zeppelin – Rock And Roll – Cover – Giusy Ferrigno

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I think you guys should know something.

I first started working with Giusy close to five years ago.

In fact, she was our “Sing it to win it” contestant/winner with about 500 submissions of singers wanting to come study with KTVA.

As fate would have it, Giusy was to come to my studio in Hawaii for one week of study and to document her progress as a KTVA vocalist.

Just prior to her coming, I lost my studio to lava from the great Kilauea explosion and I had to bring Giusy to where I retreated to in San Miguel Mexico (I was actually homeless at this point and studio-less).

I found a very meager place to record Giusy in Mexico (those videos are readily available on YouTube).

The goal was to chronicle or document her progress and to bring her back a second time within about two years time.

We arranged for her to come to the new studio I had built in Flagstaff, Arizona and booked her flights for 2019.

Just before she was to come, Covid hit and all international travel was canceled.

Her beautiful, sweet resiliency and good heartedness hung in there and, at our first available opportunity, I brought her back out to my studio in Flagstaff a couple of months ago.

But for me here is the best part.

Giusy did her homework!

She didn’t sit around whining about not getting to come; she studied harder, worked harder, prepared, and was ready!

Guicy basically recorded 12 songs in three days.

This is an extraordinary amount of music to record in that amount of time.

And over the next few months, you will see the rewards she has reached for her hard work.

We have already released Evanescence “Bring Me To Life” ( and this is our second of 12 out of the box.

So while it has “been a long time since Giusy got to rock ‘n’ roll” with KTVA, she rocked indeed!

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