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My Throat Hurts When I Sing – What Do I Do?

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An old silly joke is: “Doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do this? What should I do?”
(Doc answers) “STOP DOING THAT!”

As simple and almost mocking as this may sound, it’s quite true.

If you’re doing something that hurts, whether it’s your throat or another part of your body, it’s obviously wrong.

For some weird reason, we seem to think the muscle groups around our vocal cords are different than other muscle groups in our body, when in fact they are the same (and may be even more susceptible and more fragile than other muscle structures in our body).

But because they are smaller, and have not been studied as much as other muscle groups, there is a lot of smoke and mirrors, snake oil, and silly superstition that surrounds the voice.

In this video, we discuss good vocal health and quality effective singing techniques to prevent injury and promote excellent vocal health.

If you are a singer looking for legit, hard to come by information, I think you’ll find this video valuable.

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