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Nazareth – Love Hurts – Cover – Gabbi Gun

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When I first met Gabbi, she was 17 years old.

She was in the finals of a competition in the Czech Republic, similar to our American Idol, called “Superstar.”

She had reached out to me because she told me she was having a very difficult time singing more than two or three songs without going hoarse and losing her voice for several days.
In fact, it was cute! She didn’t actually tell me much of anything because she could hardly speak a word of English.

So through different translators, we began to work together.

One of the songs she had just recorded was Love Hurts.

I encourage you to check it out because she did a great job. There was just one problem. One big problem. The way she sang was absolutely not sustainable over time, and in her own words: “I was losing my voice every other day from singing like this…”

In addition, this kind of singing is extremely constricting when it comes to range and true resonant power.

So Gabriela and I began to work very hard on her support system, open throat technique, vowel placements, distortion, and stamina.

Combined with teaching her how to sing in English.

Today, we present to you the results of that effort.

Love Hurts Part II!

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