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Nazareth – Love Hurts – Flamenco Cover – Ken Tamplin and Luis Villegas

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One of the things I think I love most about this song is not just the incredible distorted vocal tone of Dan McCafferty, but also the passion he delivers his message that “Love Hurts”.

And his heartfelt message, playing the victim in pain, crying out to the world of how love is a sham, is a pretty funny satirical look at love.

So when I first started doing this song, thinking of how I could possibly do it in a flamenco-friendly format while still capturing the essence of what Dan was trying to convey without way over singing like a rock song, I thought I would go another route. The lonely route. The desperate route. The introverted route. The “whisper the message” route.

So I only ask you one thing. Would you please listen to this song with an open mind? Yes, I can belt it out with the best of them and could’ve done my best to create my version of Dan McCafferty’s incredibly powerful emotional distorted voice. Or I could choose to whisper the message in a different kind of way that is palatable in a dinner setting.

And thank you to my buddy Luis Villegas for helping make this all possible!

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