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No Doubt – Hella Good – Cover – Tori Matthieu

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I remember when this song first came out and how cool, mesmerizing and addicting I thought the groove was.

And when I heard the quirky middle section, I thought to myself: if I didn’t know better, this almost sounds like Rick Ocasek from the band “The Cars”.

To my surprise, I found out that Rick had in fact produced the track for the band No Doubt with vocalist Gwen Stefani.

The funny thing for me is, it was obvious that the band No Doubt had little or nothing to do with this song because it sounded nothing like them. It sounded to me like 100% a package deal of Rick producing Gwen.

At any rate, this song is extremely catchy and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to actually record it.

Tori and I were sitting around discussing songs and we realized I had never done this song for my channel so she suggested that she step up to the plate, put her hat in the ring and give it her best shot!

I guess she was feeling Hella Good that day! (ha ha).

Let us know how she did 🙂

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