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OneRepublic – Love Runs Out – Cover – Gabriela Gunčíková – 4K

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So Gabriela and I were sitting around saying to ourselves: “OK! We’ve done a lot of rock stuff! But is there anything that has more pop sensibilities we can do and actually rock it up a bit without completely overhauling the entire song?”

And through a large process of elimination, somehow, we landed on OneRepublic’s “When The Love Runs Out.”

We liked the lyric, we liked the melody, we liked the quarter note driving feel to it, it had all the elements we were looking for.

The only thing we didn’t have was a track to sing to (of which I had to create on the spot).

So I threw UP the microphone… and Gabby threw DOWN on the vocals!

Let us know how we did? And our hats off to Ryan Tedder for writing many great hooky songs.

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