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Ronnie James Dio Medley – Gabbi Gun – Cover – 4K

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I don’t think Ronnie James Dio needs some big introduction.

It’s pretty common knowledge that his stuff is difficult to sing.

And even more difficult for a female vocalist to get anywhere near his tone and power.

Some would argue that it’s easier for a girl to sing a guy’s song with range because female vocal ranges tend to be quite a bit higher than normal male vocal ranges.

This is true to some extent, no doubt! And although we often times raise the key for our female vocalists to be able to reach the notes that create the same kind of tension that is in a male vocal, no matter how you slice it, singing Ronnie James Dio is quite a challenge!

So in this medley, we picked up the challenge!

We hope you enjoy listening to this medley as much as we enjoyed making it for you.

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