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Scorpions – Klaus Meine – Still Loving You – Cover – 4K

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Many years ago (1986 in Zeppelinfeld, Nuremberg Germany), I was privileged to be backstage at a few Monsters Of Rock concerts where Scorpions headlined. 6 gigs in total that included the following artists:
Bon Jovi:
Def Leppard:
McAuley Schenker Group:
Ozzy Osbourne:

Quite a bill if you ask me! Ozzy Osbourne, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, McAuley Schenker, Warlock, and of course, Scorpions! Wow!!

At that time, I was just the rhythm guitar player/background vocalist of the band that I was in.

So I watched in amazement as Klaus Meine sang six shows in a row without missing a single note!

Yes, the musicianship was extraordinary, but all the bands had extraordinary musicians.
Yes, Scorpions rocked the house (or stadium I should say), but all the bands rocked the house!

But there was one thing I found quite interesting. Unlike Ozzy, Bon Jovi, MacAuley Schenker, and Def Leppard, when Scorpions broke into “Still Loving You”, the entire stadium was silenced and immediately brought into a moment of unity that was quite strange.

At this time, you could hardly go anywhere in Europe where this song wasn’t being played at a train station, in a taxi cab, at a grocery store, at a restaurant, in a public square. It was literally ubiquitous and pervasive.

And the magical moments while this song was being played were like none from the other legendary iconic groups that had played before them.

Scorpions had the ability to not only write very heavy rock/metal songs, but ballads to get the whole world to sing (they hit another home run in 1990 with their song Wind Of Change which may have been even bigger than Still Loving You).

So I thought it would be fun to put my hat in the ring and take a stab at this incredible emotional ballad from one of the greatest rock bands and greatest rock vocalists of all time.

Please let me know how I did :-)!

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