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Singing Scales vs Songs

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In one of my videos I discuss “does just singing scales make you great”

This is a perfect example of a lack of good information on the YouTube channels just providing scales and not showing what those scales are for and how to do them correctly.

You see, when you sing a scale, you are only singing one vowel.

You have no vowel exchanges from one vowel to another and you are not adding any consonants that closes the throat down, and no one has shown you how to re-open that throat to get from one word phrase or one passage in a song to the next passage in a song.

A kind of roadmap so to speak on how to connect the vowels and how to re-open the throat after closing the throat down with a consonant.

So scales sung correctly are helpful for strengthening individual vowels but then one also needs to learn the exchange from one vowel to another.

I cover this thoroughly in my singing course.

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