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Spotify’s Best Songs 2021 – What The Heck???

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I think we can all agree that 2021 was a pretty strange and unsuspecting year for all of us…

Not the least of which was true for music.

There’s an old saying: “We always hate what we don’t understand.”

While this can be true on many levels, I feel confident in saying that if someone throws dung against a canvas and calls it art, I don’t need to understand it to pass personal judgment on whether I feel it is art or not.

And, others are entitled to disagree, but in the end, how did that “art” stand up over time?

I am also not one for “living in the past” and only referring to “the good old days of music”. I find value and greatness wherever I see it.

Old or new.

I don’t give an “A” grade for old just because it’s old or because I have a nostalgic attachment to it. Nor do I give a grade of “A” for new just because it’s new. I really try to be open-minded and find the good wherever I can, and seek to understand why some people might think something is great when I personally don’t.

Hey look, I’m a vocal coach and I realize it’s not my place to judge the shallow, over-sexualized, hyped-up, thin, degenerate, illiterate culture that has been groomed for quite some time now.

But I also in good conscience cannot stand back and call dung “art.”

I have more personal pride and more honesty with myself and I must call B.S. and shout “The emperor has no clothes!”

I don’t care if this is a popular statement or not and I’m sure the mob will be headed in my direction, but it is the truth and everyone that has lived long enough knows that it is.

In this video, I discuss the Top 10 “Best Spotify Songs Of 2021” and the Top 10 Best Rock Songs Of Spotify in 2021 and juxtaposed them against entire decades of music in comparison.

I value your thoughts and comments, and appreciate your weighing-in on this “decline of musical civilization” and I invite you to prove me right or wrong.

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