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Twisted Sister – Dee Snider – I Wanna Rock – Cover – Kati Cher

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“Turn it down”, you say?
But all I got to say to you is
Time and time again I say, “No!”
No, no! No, no! No!
Tell me not to play
Well, all I got to say to
When you tell me not to play I say, “No!”

Turn the power up
I’ve waited for so long so I could
Hear my favorite song so, let’s go!
Go, go, go, go, go!

I think it’s funny that a song that started out to be a prepubescent – postpubescent rebellious anthem for youth against the establishment who were trying to shut their music down is approaching its 40th year anniversary (it released in 1984)!

And call it serendipity, call it fate, but one of my students, Gabriela, just recently sang this song with Dee Snider at the Rock Meet Classic arena tour in Europe just a few weeks ago, and now Kati is also up for consideration for this same tour.

I don’t need to try to get some big philosophical expose on the song here; it is what it is! A fun, anthemic song that we grew up on and just thought it would be fun to do :-).

I Wanna Rock!!!!!!!!!!

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