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What Inspired You To Become A Vocalist? Gabbi Gun Interview

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Every singer has their own story about what led them to pursue training to become a vocalist.

Some do it for the love of singing, some do it because they feel it is their destiny. We are all on this journey to learn to become a better vocalist.

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have been born with natural talent, so we have to work to improve in order to follow our dreams and accomplish our goals.

For many singers, it’s a matter of the heart! Singing is how you express the way you feel inside to the outside world. It’s how you express the very essence of who you are and what is inside your soul.

Perhaps these are the same reasons YOU would like to become a singer or improve your singing skills.

You may be on the same path that has led Gabbi Gun and has inspired her to become a better singer.

Today, we learn what caused her to begin an amazing pursuit of great singing skills.

She is still on that road today, after performing in many concerts around the world.

Find out what keeps her going and what has inspired her.

Join us for this important search for vocal truth.

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