Voice Lessons For Beginners

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy offers the best singing lessons for beginners, by far!

Master Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin will teach you how to sing better than you ever thought possible – whether you are an adult who wants to train your voice to be the best it can be or singing lessons for kids just starting out. Right from the start, you will be excited at what you can accomplish-ESPECIALLY if you are a beginning singer!!!

There are many reasons why, but the main one is that you won’t learn any bad habits. Singers who have a lot of experience singing, but not a lot of experience being coached, often times have some really bad singing habits that need to be “unlearned” first. And that can sometimes take time.

Having bad singing habits can lead to injuries or loss of voice.

At Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy you will learn how to sing correctly, as soon as you start!

You will learn:

  • The correct way to breath
  • How to be in control of your singing voice
  • What is pitch and how to identify it
  • What is range and how to expand it beyond your imagination
  • How to sing with amazing power
  • How to sing your favorite songs with ease
  • And much, much more…

Your Singing Success Starts Here

Private Lessons over your computer

KTVA’s Singing Lessons for Beginners are the exact same lessons we teach our professional singers – when you enroll in the How To Sing – Better Than Anyone Else vocal course, you will start at the beginning and take your time with Volume 1. Ken Tamplin will SHOW YOU (not just tell you) how to use your voice correctly and you will experience a breakthrough right from the start.  You will learn to sing the right way!

You will then move on to Volumes 2 and 3. These singing lessons are designed specifically to last forever.  What this means is that this is not a throwaway course – you can use Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy singing lessons to take your singing voice as far as YOU want to take it – the cool thing is though, you will do it correctly, with a TON of vocal power and without hurting yourself.

You will also have access to the KTVA Forum with over 1,000 of your fellow KTVA vocalists who are singing their butt off and are enjoying the thrill of singing.

So, jump in and start the world’s most powerful and effective singing lessons today… You won’t be a beginner for very long!